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The Z-Man podcast with Todd Zalkins

Oct 27, 2017

Todd sits down with Long Beach legend Greg “Mudd” Lowther from The Falling Idols, Todd's band Corn Doggy Dog and Perro Bravo 

Oct 11, 2017

Z-Man sits down with original member of Sublime, Dr. Todd Forman and talks about the early days of the band.  They talk about growing up in Long Beach, recording 40 OZ to Freedom, touring and when drugs started to be a problem.  They also talk about how Dr. Todd deals with the opioid epidemic on the front lines as...

Oct 2, 2017

Todd sits down with Peter DiStefano from Porno for Pyros, Hellride, Lance Herbstrong.  They are joined by Dr. Cali Estes the Addictions Coach.  They talk about the Southern California music scene and Peter's career in music from the early days of his band K-38 to playing in Porno for Pyros to playing music today clean...

Oct 2, 2017

This week with Dave Donaldson: longtime friend of Z-Man and cast member of "The Long Way Back" film, Dave discusses his experiences living next door to Z-Man in Long Beach; Sublime gigs; and what it was like to watch helplessly, as Z-Man spiraled into the darkness of his painkiller addiction.